Call & Save

Create a new budget for your company.

  • Free calls to various destinations.
  • Up to 40% reduction in spending on global calls.
  • Convert expensive calls to free ones by adding branches to your network.
  • Use your existing telecom infrastructure.
  • Register today and modify your package the way it suits your telecom needs.

Free calls

Your company has offices in different cities, or even countries. speakSIP will help you connect all your offices in one network and call them for free. By subscribing to our service, you will become a speakSIP Member and benefit immediately.

Furthermore, depending on the chosen package, you will get additional free minutes to landline phones in Europe, Canada and USA.

Save on global calls

speakSIP is a flat monthly service, no hidden costs, no small letters (or fine print). Compared to your current TDM or VoIP carrier, using our service will save you up to 40% on global calls.

Zero-investment in infrastructure

Since speakSIP uses your existing SIP PBX, that eliminates additional costs for telecom infrastructure. Our sales and tech support team will help you with any questions you might have in order to have a flawless experience in your free calls. If you own a TDM PBX, speakSIP will subsidize VoIP Gateway depending on the chosen package.

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