speakSIP Reseller

VoIP market is constantly growing as more clients are starting to use VoIP technologies in their daily businesses so the opportunities are endless.

As a next generation service, SpeakSIP adds value to your existing customers. Here are a few benefits for them:

  • Excellent calling experience
  • Usage of their existing telecom infrastructure
  • Unlimited free calls within the customer’s network
  • Upgradeable service to meet their emerging needs
  • Flat monthly fee
  • Guaranteed service availability

Who can become a reseller?

A reseller can become any VoIP, WISP provider or an individual who wants to enter the telecommunications market, but not ready to implement their own solution due to financial or technical reasons. IT based and consulting companies are also welcome to join the reseller program.

The ideal reseller will be able to understand basic VoIP, promote speakSIP, support its marketing efforts and offer a quality service to customers. speakSIP resellers will receive supporting documentation and the know-how in terms of technology. Prospect resellers are entitled to both flat rate commissions and permanent fees on airtime, i.e. traffic that is not included in speakSIP. Since this is a flat rate service, there is no risk of price dumping.

Should you need more information, feel free to drop us a line.